Tuesday, January 27, 2009

thought dream 012709

The Dark Knight driven backwards
into a field of poppies. A tractor.
A herd of sheep. The wind shrieks

out of caves and grottoes, demanding
recompense for all the damage. Your
Batmobile will do you no good here.

The men still hunt rabbits and cook
them in garlic. The 22,000 variations
of the Virgin Mary will not hear

your cry for help, your loneliness,
your bat signal. Gotham will go down
into the abyss, we all know that.

No billionaire capitalist in a rubber
suit can stop us from eviscerating
ourselves. It's the field of poppies

and the dirt road covered in paper-
thin garlic skins that you should fear.
The ten-thousand year-old demon

of the ordinary that awaits you.


victor said...

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I don’t read more
I’m sorry I let the cat out in the cold
I’m sorry I can’t figure every thing out
I’m sorry I can’t always get “IT” right
I’m sorry I can’t always get it
I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling
I’m sorry if I can’t always understand
I’m sorry I never chose to start a band
I’m sorry I smoke a cigarette now and then
I’m sorry if I will never ever want to end
I’m sorry that I missed church
I’m sorry if my spirit and soul hurt
I’m sorry if I go on and on
I’m sorry I never released my song
I’m sorry some people think I’m crazy
I’m sorry that I sometimes have nightmares
I’m sorry if I treat humans unfair
I’m sorry if I do it just to be there
I’m sorry I can’t always sleep at night
I’m sorry I might be sorry tomorrow
I’m sorry that I’m sorry today
I’m sorry that I’ve always got to say
I’m sorry that today is just today
I’m sorry but what else is there to say
I’m sorry that tomorrow is another day
I’m sorry if I’ve made people cry
I’m sorry if I still don’t know why
I’m sorry that I’ll always be sorry
I’m sorry because I’m just so sorry

Do any of you think that this is any good?

I hear ya! I’M SORRY :)

Liam said...

Rock and roll.

I remember the sheep in Madrid! That was so awesome.