Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jon Stewart on the War in Gaza

Jon Stewart returned last night after a seemingly endless break . . . and he didn't flinch for a moment.

Once more, like some Jubu master, he applies a much-needed sandal slap across the face of the American media.

I think it's so important - and admirable - for Jewish-Americans to speak out like this about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Stewart could take a lot of heat for his comments, but I think he knows that perceptive criticism of American media coverage is crucial if we're going to have a healthier and more open dialog about this ongoing crisis. The endless bloodshed between Israel and Palestine not only destroys too many innocent lives in that region, it has a direct affect on our own economy (billions of dollars a year), foreign policy, and national security.

Bravo, Jon.

When the history of early 21st-century journalism is written, how interesting (and shameful) that it basically took two comedians and a sportscaster to shake the media out of its lethargy and subservience.

Stewart continues to raise the issue of media coverage in his interview with David Gregory, the new host of Meet the Press.


Liam said...

That is really good.

cowboyangel said...

Unfortunately, he had some good material to work with. Vancouver launching missiles at Seattle? Jon Corzine deserves ridicule for that analogy. It just so doesn't work.

Liam said...

Bloomberg's was pretty bad too. It's not the number of policemen, it's the fact they're killing everybody else in the building.

Jeff said...

I'm guessing that you probably don't care much for Pat Buchanan, but he has been criticizing Israeli actions and the Israeli lobby for years, and he's been labelled an SS brownshirt for it in the MSM. Was it fair?