Friday, January 23, 2009

thought dream 011909

Sally sells sea shells by the seashore
without a vendor's license from the City Bigs.
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
exploited by The Man. Down on his luck,

drinking too much, driving a 1977 Impala
with a rusted tailpipe. Sally drowning
her sorrows at the Crazy Horse Saloon
on the under-developed side of town,

away from the waterfront gentrification.
Cops hassling her all day for selling
hand-painted conch shells, starfish
and silver dollars. Peter Piper laid off

by the multinational agri-business concern,
half his Mexican friends from the fields
rounded up by The Man in an orchestrated
media event to show the Senator is tough

on illegal Mescan alien terrorists. Eduardo
and Emilia in a Family Detention Center
somewhere in the desert, with their two
young girls who need medical attention,

forgotten until long after the Inauguration.
Sally shooting pool with Blind Boy Bill, who
once danced with the Nicholas Brothers
in a colored club down the coast after their

movie career was over. Peter Piper pleased
by Sally's smell and her finesse with a pool cue
as he watchers her play. It's not all bad news.
Peter and Sally will go home together. Drunk,

it's true, but sober enough in the morning
to realize they like each other's company.
She has kids. But that's okay. Peter Piper
slaps her butt while she's cooking them eggs.

It'll all work out.


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