Sunday, January 18, 2009

thought dream 010809

3 dogs / nondescript
one having rolled around in the oily
dirt where Delbert changed
the water pump on his 1982 Buick,
one eying the chicken coop,
one with his tongue
hanging out in the Texas heat
late August
no wind
a rattlesnake way out of range
nestled in the well-house
on the other side
of an old peanut field
overgrown with mesquite trees
a single cloud
hovering over Indian Hill
a sprinkler trying to save
what's left of the beans,
Delbert and Louise gone to town
for lumber and feed
coyote angel /ragged wings
and dusty boots / hunkered down
in a live oak tree / bored
to tears, watching over
the house
the 3 dogs
looking around
sniffing at the air
knowing something somewhere ain't quite right

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