Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of Armenia

Entire country loses internet for five hours after woman, 75, slices through cable while scavenging for copper

An elderly Georgian woman was scavenging for copper to sell as scrap when she accidentally sliced through an underground cable and cut off internet services to all of neighbouring Armenia. . . .

Web users in the nation of 3.2 million people were left twiddling their thumbs for up to five hours. . . . Television pictures showed reporters at a news agency in the capital Yerevan staring glumly at blank screens.

Large parts of Georgia and some areas of Azerbaijan were also affected. . . .

[T]the woman – who has not been named – is being investigated on suspicion of damaging property. She faces up to three years in prison if charged and convicted.

A spokesman for Georgia's interior ministry said the woman was temporarily released "on account of her old age" but could face more questioning. . . .

Pulling up unused copper cables for scrap is a common means of making money in the former Soviet Union.
This is what's going to happen here after Glenn Beck leaves Fox. The granny Muslim Atheist Socialist illegal immigrants will take away our internets.

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