Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lost Dr. Seuss Stories to Be Published

From The Guardian:

Seven rarely-seen Dr. Seuss stories from the 50s, which were tracked down by a Massachusetts dentist, will finally be published in book form this autumn. . . .

The Bippolo Seed – described by the publisher as "the literary equivalent of buried treasure" – is lined up for publication in September. "These stories were published during what could arguably be called Dr Seuss's most fertile creative period, a time that would yield both Cat in the Hat and Grinch, a time when his theories about how to reach children through rhyme, rhythm, and a resonant combination of nonsense and sagacity, were coming into full bloom," said [Random House vice-president and publisher Kate Klimo]. "The stories are as good as anything in the already-published canon and readers of all ages are in for a treat."

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