Friday, November 21, 2008

Job Security


Jeff said...

It's getting scary out there.

This outgoing administration went on too long.

cowboyangel said...

It is scary. What's the word at IBM? Have you been concerned about your own position?

Jeff said...

We go through downsizings every now and then anyway, so that gut fear isn't really something new. The biggest threat I personally face by far is always offshoring. Being replaced by someone less expensive from India is always the biggest concern. They are not sentimental about it, either. People with decades at the company get whacked routinely.

I work at a client site; what they call "green dollars" instead of "blue dollars." I'm all billable hours, as opposed to someone who works at headquarters or on internal corporate stuff, so that's an advantage... As long as I can keep paying for myself, I should be OK, but you never know.

We won a big piece of business away from one of our competitors at our site, which is a plus, but if the company we do the work for runs into budget troubles, and the work dries up, we'd be like everyone else... Screwed.