Friday, November 14, 2008

Change We Can Believe In

New York Jets 34 - New England Patriots 31.

The Jets go up to Foxboro, Mass, and defeat the AFC Champion Patriots on their own home turf, in a dramatic overtime game, for sole possession of first-place in the AFC East. A very rare and gutsy win for the Jets in an important game.

Why we love Washington. (In 39 seconds.)


Liam said...

I was suspecting there would be a number of exchanges between you and Jeff on one of your blogs today. I guess it will be this one.

I was sick yesterday and went to bed instead of staying up to watch the game. It looks like it was a good one.

cowboyangel said...

It was exciting, infuriating and, ultimately, exhausting to watch. The Jets led 24-6, only to let the Patriots come back and tie it up in the 4th quarter. Then Favre led the Jets on a great drive for what should've been the winning touchdown - 31-24 with 3 minutes left. We stopped them on 4th down. then we wimped out and got conservative, having to punt it back with about a minute left. then the damn defensive coach played back, letting them march down the field for a tying touchdown with 1 second left in the game. ultimately, Favre led them on another great drive in overtime - we kicked a field goal to win 34-31.

Dramatic win - beating the AFC Champions on their own home turf in overtime. After letting them back into the game.

If Tom Brady had been playing, they would've won. Or if Chad Pennington had been playing, they would've won.

But Leon Washington is THE MAN! He's about as tall as I am. Fast, wily, and tough for a little guy.

cowboyangel said...


Pyrrhic? I don't know about that. In the sense that the win will be costly in the end? On the contrary, I think it could be the catalyst to a genuine run at the playoffs.

But, yes, as Dr. Z said, the coin toss was the most important play of the game. If the Jets lost that, they probably would've lost the game.

As long as Ben Watson didn't fumble (without being hit) again.

Or Koppen didn't snap the ball 12 miles beyond Cassel when he wasn't ready for it again.

Or Gaffney didn't drop a crucial 3rd and 1 pass again.

What was up with the Pats? I've never seen them make so many mistakes in an important game.

This morning, I read that Cassel proved what a great QB he is and how he's going to make lots of money on another team next year. Set an NFL record for only guy to ever pass for 400 yards and run for more than 60, or something like that.

Bottom line: If Tom Brady's in that game, the Jets lose. Cassel has done a good job, and he did well last night, but he's playing on the New England Patriots. Stick him on the Detroit Lions and you'll see that he's just an adequate QB.

He's a career back-up. I just don't think you guys are going to the Super Bowl this year with him as your QB. Everyone looks at his performance last night and see how good he is - I watched it and saw how far away he is from Tom Brady.

For one thing, other teams won't let him off the hook like the Jets did. Bob Sutton called a terrible defensive game plan. We should've been putting pressure on him all game - and other teams will. He's shaky when the pocket breaks down. And that pussy prevent defense crap at the end of regulation was disgusting. I literally turned the game off for a while, missing most of the overtime.

But you're missing the most important point of all. We would've lost that game any other year. The Pats are weaker, and the Jets have Brett Favre. For all of his many flaws, there's no way Chad Pennington or Vinny or Clemens could've managed those last two drives after blowing a 24-6 lead. That was a tremendous gut check, and the Jets puled it off. That's what stunning about it. That's the kind of toughness of character and QB magic that only a few folks have - Brady being one of the best.

But Leon Washington is THE MAN!!!!

Jeff said...

Was this post out here before? Sorry, I missed it.

cowboyangel said...

Sort of - I only had the link before.

I would still like to hear you thoughts on Cassel. Re-reading my previous comment, I can tell I was reacting more to what I saw as serious overhype about his performance the other night. I would take back calling him "a career backup." I haven't watched him enough to say that. But I do think he benefits greatly by playing on the Patriots rather than some skunky team.

One commentator on ESPN called him a "budding superstar" after the game. I just don't see it. The Patriots are 6-4 and have lost two out of the last three. They were blown out at home by the Dolphins. The only big victory (point-wise) was over Denver. Seems to me that if Brady were in there, you'd be more like 8-2 or 9-1.

And I'm really curious to see what happens when you guys go up against Pittsburgh. They're not going to play this mamby-pamby prevent defense crap. They'll go after Cassel a lot, which is what the Jets should've done.

cowboyangel said...


Interesting stat: After 99 total games between the Jets and Patriots, the series now stands at 49-49-1.