Friday, October 24, 2008

How Democracy Works in New York

Over a million people in the City of New York voted for term limits for their Mayor and City Council members.

Not once but TWICE!

And the measure passed easily both times: 59%-41% in 1993, and 54%-46% in 1996.

One billionaire mayor decides he doesn't like the term limits.

Twenty-nine sycophantic City Councilmen say, "That's okay, you can run again. What do the idiot voters know anyway?"

At a time when many people are trying to move beyond their well-earned cynicism towards the political process in the United States, Michael Bloomberg lays a big steaming turd in the punch-bowl of Democracy.

So, go ahead, drink up. Isn't this the change you wanted?

If we're really lucky, George W. Bush will ask the Supreme Court to get rid of the term limit for presidents.

Don't think this is what Democracy looks like? Let the Monarch Mayor and City Council know. Even if you're not in New York. In fact, especially if you're not in New York. Because, in the end, this isn't about Bloomberg or New York or term limits. It's about respecting the democratic process.

Contact the Monarch:

Contact Christine C. Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council, who helped win over the necessary clowns for Boss Tweed. (Click on "Contact Speaker Quinn" for an email form.)


Liam said...

Yeah, I called my council member (Inez Dickens) and asked her to vote against this. She voted for it.

Bloomberg is a competent guy, but this stunt is incredible. He even put pressure on people who work for the charities to which he donates to come testify on this.

I urge my fellow Gothamites to see how their councilmember voted and to remember this when they're up for election.

cowboyangel said...

Glad you called someone even before the vote. The guy's arrogance is astounding. "I fart on your little term limits! I'm a billionaire, and only I can save the city during a crisis."

Today, he "defended the contentious process, saying that the city could not be run 'by taking referendums on everything.'

A lawsuit, filed on Wednesday by 10 public school teachers, charges that changing term limits without a referendum breached voters civil rights, since the public backed the current restrictions in 1993 and 1996. But Mr. Bloomberg said that 'there is no reason that any one way is more legal than the other.'"

Right. Except he had to go to the City Council to try and overturn this, because he knew he could buy off 29 council members. He wouldn't have been able to buy off all the voters.

The guy's always been arrogant.

Liam said...

I was glad to hear that he had to schedule a second press conference because the first one was interrupted by hecklers.

cowboyangel said...

I didn't know that - that's great. It's going to backfire on him. His billions may still get him re-elected, but he's basically given voters the big "F*#k You!" Some people are not going to be happy about that.

New York is not a Monarchy! And we're not bloody peasants of Rey Bloomberg!