Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hoping your pumpkin patch is the most sincere. . . .

And that you don't get any rocks when you go trick-or-treating.


crystal said...

Happy halloween, William :)

Jeff said...

A classic.

I hope Obama doesn't turn into the Great Pumpkin. I hope I'm not ranting like Sally on Wednesday morning.

cowboyangel said...

Obama as the Great Pumpkin. :-) Bite your tongue.

I think we'll know pretty quickly what's going to happen. If Obama wins Pennsylvania and Virgina, where the polls close at 8 pm, I don't see how McCain can win. If Obama wins North Carolina, I think we'll see a genuine landslide.

It's very nerve-racking waiting for ti to all be over. I think Obama's in a good position, but I simply can't shake the fear that things will go wrong.

Jeff said...

The whole race thing, the fear of the Bradley effect, makes the whole night unpredictable. I have a feeling McCain either wins by a nose or Obama crushes him in a landslide.

Other than Penn, I have a hard time seeing McCain winning any state that John Kerry won in 2004, and I see Obama winning quite a few that Bush won last time, so I'm guardedly optimistic.