Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Primary Results - Hot Off the Press!

In in the exotic Indonesian Primary:

Seventy five percent of the nearly 100 votes cast by expatriate Americans a minute after midnight Indonesia time (12 p.m. Monday EST) went to Obama. The rest were cast in favor of Clinton, said Arian Ardie, country committee chair for Democrats Abroad.

Ardie said he was not permitted to disclose the exact number of votes cast, and added that the results were preliminary and still need formal verification.

Ardie said that Obama's time in Indonesia was part of his appeal among expatriate voters in the southeast Asian country.

Whatever. We'll take it.

The West Virgina Caucus (Republican)

You know, the Media has told us the Republican race is over, and McCain will win the nomination. But in the winner-take-all primary system among the Republicans, Huckabee has won West Virgina and looks like he could win in Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee, and is competing in Georgia. If Romney were to drop out of the race after today, many of his voters would probably go to Huckabee. Just an interesting scenario to consider.


Liam said...

It will all come down to whether or not the douchebag can surprise in California. Lots of Mormons in California.

What do you bet the GOP/Clintons will spin the Indonesia vote to bring up the "madrassa" thing again?

Garpu the Fork said...

I really don't get people who vote for either Huckabee or Romney. I...just don't. What the hell are they thinking?

Jeff said...

I don't watch FOX much as a general rule of thumb, but I stopped by last night for a minute to check out the mood. It was like a funeral over there. I thought that Chickenhawk Hannity and his buddies were actually going to cry over Romney. Seriously. They were despondent and practically in a state of panic.

cowboyangel said...


Alas, no more douchebag to rail against.


It's not "What the hell are they thinking?" It's "What the Heaven are they thinking?" Huckabee is actually a fairly likable fellow. Terrifying as a possible president, but I think he could have a future on TV.


I'm really enjoying the whole Hate on McCain thing from the lunatic fringe. Even with Romney gone, I'm hoping that having Huckabee in the race will cause at least a little more trouble for them. After he wins Louisiana, for example.