Friday, February 22, 2008

Online Poetry Reading

More shameless self-promotion. . . .

I'm featured this week at, an online journal with videos of poets reading their work.

I read three poems: two from my recent chapbook, A Brief Guide to American Poetry, and a short, newer piece. It's about six minutes in all. You'll need an updated version of QuickTime or Windows Media Player. has a nice archive of all the poets who've been featured, including La Reina, Alexandra van de Kamp. Look for her work as well.



Jeff said...

Awesome, William!

"Dinah..." :-)

Terrific. Alexandra's too.

For the record, you don't look a thing like Billy Crystal.

Cheers and congrats.

cowboyangel said...

Thanks, Jeff. You're very kind.

The Billy Crystal thing has always been a little weird. I look much more like George Clooney, don't you think?

Liam said...

Good job, William. I love those poems.

Who said you look like Billy Crystal? I always thought you looked like Angelina Jolie, only hotter.

cowboyangel said...


Thank you for your compliments. But then before IPAO, you always did have a thing for women with beards and beer guts, didn't you?

I'm a little hurt, though, that you didn't compare me with Penelope.

crystal said...

Congrats, William! I went there and I think by the end of the day, my dial up connection might have finally loaded the video :-) so I'll have to wait to decide if you look more like Billy or Angelina. From your chapbook photo, I thpought you looked more like Colin Farrell in The New World - link


cowboyangel said...

Woah, Crystal, you just made my month. Colin Farrell! Much better than Billy Crystal. Thank you. I promise I won't argue with you for . . . at least a week.

Of course, this is coming from someone with vision trouble. :-)

No matter, I'll take the compliment anyway.

Unfortunately, that photo in my chapbook was [blank] years old. The beer muscles in my stomach area have, uh, gotten bigger since then.

Speaking of Colin, you ever watch Ballykissangel? About the Catholic priest from England who gets assigned to a small parish in Ireland? Colin comes in during season 3, I think. It was a great show. Might check your library for the DVDs - that's where we came across it.

crystal said...

Thanks - I've never heard of Ballykissangel. I'll look for it. The New World is the only movie I've seen Farrell in but I've read he's good in the new one, In Bruges.

Jeff said...

Bally-K was a great show! But only when Stephen Tompkinson and Dervla Kirwan were still on it. It spun out of control after that, and the scripts got sillier and sillier.

Although I did like Tina Kellegher a lot. She reminded me of someone close.

Garpu the Fork said...

Those were great! I love the imagery in them.

cowboyangel said...

Thanks, Garpu! Glad you enjoyed them.