Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Don't eat too much. Eat a lot! Give thanks. Enjoy time together with your families. (Or without them, if that works better.) If you're traveling, safe journey.

A list of things I'm thankful for this year:

1. Being alive in this incredible world.
2. I have a beautiful, loving, funny, intelligent, sexy and wonderfully creative wife.
3. I have a great family, even if we are a little scattered and dysfunctional at times.
4. My aunt continues to recover from cancer.
5. My friend Peg continues to recover from cancer.
6. My jobs - even if I have to have two of them.
7. Seeing my youngest brother Juan doing so well in his new job and being able to buy a new house.
8. I have a magnificent and, in the Glenn tradition, thoroughly handsome nephew, Isaiah Jose Daniel Glenn.
9. Seeing Liam and Romell get married and for them and Lukas to be so good together.
10. I have some great friends who are very supportive, interesting, caring, and cool.
BONUS. Getting to know you guys better over a year of blogging.

And here's some classic Peanuts Thanksgiving for you:


Liam said...

Happy thanksgiving, batman. And thanks for putting us on the list -- we are extremely thankful to have you and Alex as friends.

crystal said...

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

I'm glad to hear about your aunt. She's still in muy prayers.