Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's My Fault

Bill Richardson has dropped out of the race.

Back in the fall, Bill was gaining momentum. He had pulled into a 3rd-place tie with Obama in some Iowa polls and even moved ahead of Edwards in some New Hampshire polls.

Then I posted about a possible Richardson surge. (It wasn't even my phrase.)

Here's a graphic showing Richardson's polling graph on the day I posted.

Lookin' good.

Here's his final Iowa poll graph:

I got out my magnifying glass and checked to see the date when he started to plateau and then tank. It was the day after my post.

I'm so sorry, Bill. If I had just kept my big mouth shut, none of this would've happened.

I still think you were the best candidate.

Despite the doddering and confused comments of some of my fellow bloggers. Philistines! :-)

This is my lot in life - to root for the losers. There's only been one Presidential election since I started voting in 1984 in which my candidate won, and I didn't even like the guy. I'm thinking of offering up my services to candidates who want to do in their opponents. Pay me $50,000, and I promise to root for the other guy (or gal). Guaranteed loss for the candidate I support or your money back.

So, as I consider which candidate to throw my influential weight behind, I'm torn. Do I want to see Edwards or Obama fail? Perhaps I should get cozy with the Romney campaign.

Uh . . . by the way . . . Bill, do you still need that last contribution I sent? If not . . . you know . . .


Jeff said...

With Bill, everything is negotiable, including your contribution.

He's a good man. A very decent man.

Was Edwards really that far ahead of everybody else back in Septmber?

cowboyangel said...

Yeah, now you say he's a very decent man. A few days ago he was a babbling, decrepit fool with drool coming out of his mouth! :-)

I think you're misreading the September chart. Edwards was in red - falling quite a bit then. He actually regained momentum and made a good run at the end. I mean, he beat Clinton, though you wouldn't know it from the coverage!

Hmm, misreading the poll numbers - you might make a good pundit afterall, Jeff!

Jeff said...


A decent man, but doddering. Yes, I'm afraid so. Then again, I seem to be rather doddering myself. To whit:

Hmm, misreading the poll numbers - you might make a good pundit afterall, Jeff!

Man, I am losing it... I beg your pardon. Still ahead, but already sharply sinking in May or June of 2006. According to those polls, when did this guy actually crest?

Interesting that Richardson bailed just before Nevada, where he might have just been able to do something. Also interesting that it's the first place after NH that Hillary has decided to visit on her schedule. In last Saturday's debate, he lent her a bit of heft with his spirited defense of experience. Think his support will all go her way?

Speaking of pundits, why does everyone on TV call them "pundants"? It makes me crazy, as crazy as hearing W say "nucular". Not to be pedantic but is pundant perhaps a pundit wearing a pendant?

Liam said...

You also cheer for the Jets...

cowboyangel said...


Richardson wasn't doing any better in Nevada, which may have been one of the reasons he dropped out. If he couldn't gain any traction in a western state. . . .

I think his supporters will go to different places. He said he wasn't going to endorse anyone but that all of the candidates were good. Though he was in the Clinton administration, there were numerous rumors that he told his people to go for Obama in the later round in Iowa. He has flatly denied that, but I believe most of his supporters did go to Obama.

cowboyangel said...


Hey, man, the Jets sucked for 30 years before I ever got here. I'm not taking any credit for that one.

I do better in football than in politics; Broncos - 2 super bowls when I was a fan; Cowboys 5 super bowls. Not bad.

And I do better in horse racing than in either!