Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Out of the Park


Liam said...

Of course no one cares about my 802 home runs, just because I hit them all while playing for Ulan Baater in the Mongolian national league.

Jeff said...

I care, Liam. And the only thing that you were juiced on was fermented yak's milk...

Did you ever hear about the guy who golfed across Mongolia?

Hank is still The Man.

cowboyangel said...


Everyone knows you spent your entire career pumped up on poppies and yak spleen. I'm surprised you've surived this long. Do you even remember being traded to Dalandzadgad for that one-legged third baseman and the goat?

BTW, in case you need to contact them again:

Mongolian National Federation of Baseball
Tel: (976) 11 342 275
Tel: (976) 11 342 210
Fax: (976) 11 344 432 "Tavan Erdene",
Company Bldg.,
Chinggis Khan Ave.,
P.O. Box 357,
Ulaanbaatar 210136

Anonymous said...

Fermented yak milk? Yak spleen?

Damned Americans - the only thing they know about our great Mongolia is yaks!

cowboyangel said...

Yikes! Too many yaks!

Ffej Sronnoc said...

Stupid Americans...

They wouldn't know a bactrian camel from a dromedary if it bit them on the a**

cowboyangel said...

ffej sronnoc,

I don't know how you're mixing up asses in all of this. That's a whole Perissodactyla thing. We're talkin' Artiodactylas. Yaks, man, yaks!

And, really, the whole one-hump versus two-hump camel thing is like waaaaay behind the times.

But thanks for visiting.

Even if you went from Aaron versus Bonds to Bactrian versus Dromedary. Yawn.


cowboyangel said...