Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blonde Venus

I do love the internet.

Marlene Dietrich singing "Hot Voodoo" in Blonde Venus (1932). Directed by Josef von Sternberg. With a young Cary Grant. How cool and bizarre Hollywood was at times before the Hays Code.


pbwiener said...

Ah yes, the great von Sternberg. I've been looking for years for a comprehensive biography or study on him, and have been unable to find one. Strage, eh? Of course, there are some books and studies, but nothing like you'd expect (as there is on Welles, for instance, or Huston).

Jeff said...

The Hays Code... Don't forget the scene that brought it all about, olympic swimmer Josephine Kim swimming an underwater ballet sequence in the buff in place of Maureen Sullivan in Tarzan and his Mate, 1934.

Better not watch it at work.