Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Me and Bobby Mcgee - Some Background

Some interesting facts about this song that I just learned:

  • Kristofferson was influenced by Fellini's La Strada.
  • The impetus for the song was a writing assignment given to Kristofferson by his new song publisher, Fred Foster, when Kris said he was having a dry spell. Foster told him to write something with an "On the Road" concept about me and Bobby McKee, a secretary at the publishing company.
  • At the time, Kris was flying oil workers out to rigs in the Gulf of Mexico via helicopter during the week, then flying back to Nashville on the weekends to work on his musical career. The song basically came while he was flying around Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

From the new book, Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris and the Renegades of Nashville. Tanks to Paul Wiener for letting me know about it.

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