Sunday, June 01, 2008

Funny How Time Slips Away

Feeling nostalgia for my youth in Austin . . . .

Here's Willie Nelson singing his beautiful song "Funny How Time Slips Away" at his 2nd Annual Fourth of July Picnic, 1974.

(With a very drunk Leon Russell. From what I've heard and read, there was a wee bit of drinking and toking at those 4th of July Picnics.)

To see just how time slips away, check out Willie singing the same song in the 1960s. It's the second one in the medley.

Al Green does a nice version of the song here.

Elvis Presley, The Supremes and Dave Matthews also do versions.


crystal said...

I remember Leon Russell - long white hair, or was that Edger Winter? :)

Anonymous said...


Edger and Johnny Winter have always had white hair due to the fact that they're albino twins.However,now
(due to age)Leon also has white hair.

P.S.I'm starting to get white hair.


It seems as if the work week creeps by and the weekend is a blur of what we wanted to do with our free time.


cowboyangel said...


As David said, that was Edgar Winter - and brother Johnny. They're both from Texas. Leon, sadly, is from Oklahoma.

Russell's an interesting one - check out who he's played with on his Wikipedia page. I know he played some piano on the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album. Then, of course, he was hanging out with George Harrison and doing the Concert for Bangladesh, not long before the 4th of July gig with Willie. He also wrote "This Masquerade," which George Benson made into a big hit. Leon's own best-selling single was probably "Tightrope," from the album Carney.

The Winter brothers are no slouches either!

cowboyangel said...


Good to hear from you. Sorry I missed your 2 Sunday calls. That may not be the best time for me.

White hair, eh? I've got a little myself. The real question - How much hair do you have and how long is it?!?! :-) Luckily, I got my father's bushy hair, which I try to keep trimmed. I see that Freddy Fender/Pancho Villa look he gets sometimes and don't think I could carry it off as well as he does.

Hey, I just finished reading the new Willie biography - it's really good. The writer - used to be an editor at Texas Monthly - actually does a great job of capturing Austin in the 1970s. The Armadillo, etc. A fun read.

Jeff said...

Nice, William. Look at young Willie there on the album cover, looking all clean and square!

I like the blues send-up on 'Night Life' too. One of the best covers I ever heard on that tune was from the late Luther Allison.

Anonymous said...


Right now I'm currently sporting the
long bushy mad Zionist Hair(lol).
There isn't any male patterned baldness in my DNA(as far as I know).


P.S. when is a good time to call?

Anonymous said...

To All
I would like to apologize for going off the topic of discussion. bad.

David should check out George Jones version of
"How Time slips away".