Sunday, April 27, 2008

If You Don't Vote for This Poet, We'll Kill This Dog

Steve Caratzas has been nominated for The 2008 Poet Laureate Of The Blogosphere.

Go vote for him . . . NOW. HERE.

It's deserved recognition for a man who's been producing a poem a day on his blog for over three years now.

The Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere Nominee sent out an email this week:

Subject: Pardon the SPAM - I'm a Poet, Not the widow of a Nigerian millionaire!

Dear Sir/Madam/Friend/Enemy:

If you've enjoyed even 7 words of one of my 8-word poems, slaked your thirst for snark with one of my Slipshod Sonnets, or found yourself thinking "That's possibly deep - though I'm not entirely sure!" after pondering one of my long form poetic extravaganzas, well now you can share the love and give something back.

Imagine: fame, fortune, a steaming hot cup of jack squat. These can all be mine, with your help!

Thank you in advance for your vote(s).
Now, you can ask yourself, "Who, exactly, chooses the Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere?"

You can ask yourself "How could anyone possibly locate and read all of the poetry produced in that strange suburban sprawl called the blogosphere? And why would anyone want to?"

You can even ask yourself, "Just who is this Caratzas person and why should I vote for him? I'm already confused enough by the Hillary/Obama dialectic."

All good questions. But they are inconsequential. Go vote for Steve. VOTE HERE.

And do not dawdle or the doggie doesn't go for walkies. Ever. Again.


Liam said...

I just voted, but I hope no YouTube videos of his pastor come out.

cowboyangel said...

I think his pastor is Lou Reed, so there may very well be YouTube videos out there.

At least it's not Jim Morrison.