Sunday, March 30, 2008

When the Zombies Come


I might've had a better chance of surviving if I didn't keep trying to "save my loved ones." But I'd rather take chances against the un-dead than face a wife who discovers that I wouldn't bother looking for her in a Zombie Apocalypse. Especially when said wife went to university on a field hockey scholarship.

Thanks to Caratzas for this very useful website.

Other practical information gleaned from this resource: I can take on 25 five-year olds in a fight. (Possibly related to the Zombie attack?) I kept thinking Children of the Damned, which made it easier to say that I have no moral compunction using one 5-year old as a weapon to hurl against other 5-year olds.

Finally, I discovered that I could name 72 countries in five minutes. That was disappointing. I thought I could easily hit 100. But typing and correctly spelling the names of countries is not the same as saying them out loud. Next time, I have to remember to not waste time on "Papua New Guinea" and stick with things like "Albania," which I forgot. Also, embarrassingly, I didn't do very well in Africa. I've lived with Africans twice in my life and thought I would do well there, but I struggled. On the other hand, I'm very proud of the fact that I remembered the two smallest countries in the world: Vatican City and Tuvalu.

Let's see the Zombies do that!


crystal said...

I'm so doomed - I only have a 23% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse (and even less chance of correctly spelling apocalypse). The only thing that saved me from 0% was probably the baseball bat and hatchet under my bedroom dresser.

cowboyangel said...

23%! That's not good, Crystal.

You might want to check out these Zombie Survival Skills.

And pray. Hard.

pbwiener said...

I came out 46% - better than my chances at surviving life! What's a zombie?

Liam said...

I'm scared of you dude -- I only got 25%. You must be brutal.

cowboyangel said...

Paul - Wikipedia, man, Wikipedia: Zombie.

Not to be confused with an individual member of the rock and roll group called The Zombies.

Liam - Brutal? They're flesh-eating zombies!!! Of course, I would be brutal. The question is, how do you only score 25%?!?!? I have a hard time believing that you wouldn't be brutal yourself in the case of a zombie apocalypse! Think of all your anger at Republicans and certain Democrats - multiply that by 1000 - and tell me you wouldn't do some serious smacking on the zombies.

Jeff said...

I only got 44%, and I've been in plenty of fights. In my teen years, I hardly needed an excuse. You really must be brutal. Must have been that Texas upbringing of yours. Comfortable around shootin' irons, are you?

I have a feeling that blue state-reared people in general are going to have a tough time breaking 50% on this one.

cowboyangel said...


Having tried the quiz a few times, I can tell you that living in a densely populated area definitely lowers one's score. That probably explains some of the differences in scores. There are also some gun issues that may be helping my score. Part of my Texas upbringing, you're right.