Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why We Love Politics, Part 1

You've gotta love the Democrats. Oh my, what moral outrage among Liberals because the Republican Party wants Joe Lieberman to beat Ned Lamont in the Connecticut race for senator. What fervent rants and high-minded diatribe against Lieberman for such an underhanded strategy as to court conservatives.

So why hadn't I seen much about the Arizona primary on DailyKos or Huffington? The New York Times offers a clue:

"The front-runner in the Republican primary, according to the most recent poll, is Randy Graf . . . a supporter of the Minuteman Project, a civilian border patrol group; [Graf] has campaigned on a pledge to ensure that illegal immigrants have no path to citizenship and that the border will be further secured.

But so concerned are national Republicans about Mr. Graf, who once sponsored a bill to let patrons carry guns into bars and restaurants (it did not pass), that they have taken the rare step of spending more than $200,000 on advertising endorsing the more moderate Steve Huffman, also a former state representative."

Sounds reasonable. You don't want a supporter of a racist paramilitary organization representing your party. Liberals should rejoice, right? After all, comments on DailyKos have said Graf is "far right . . . the poster-boy for the far-right, anti-immigrant wing . . . he's waaaaayyyyy off to the right." The Dems will be glad to see him gone, taken care of in the democratic process of a primary election, right? Right?

"The national Democratic Party has made it clear that it would like to see Mr. Graf as the Republican candidate. It has spent nearly $200,000 here, a large part of that for advertisements critical of Mr. Huffman in an effort to help Mr. Graf’s candidacy."

Uh . . . excuse me?

So if GOP support for Lieberman clearly shows that Lieberman was always a closet Republican, does the Dems giving $200,000 to a right-wing racist in Arizona mean that Graf is actually a closet Democrat?

It may just be politics, but it's pretty disgusting. I can't believe the national Democrat Party has given almost a quarter of a millions dollars to help a far-right racist win an election. What about giving that kind of money to an organization that teaches racial tolerance and letting the Republicans fight their own damn battles? Instead of combatting racism, which certainly needs to be done right now, the Democrats stoop to Karl-Rove-like tactics. Probably because their own candidate, like a lot of their candidates, has so little to offer.

This is why I haven't been a registered Democrat for several years now, and why I've never regretted it for a moment. I would vote for Lamont if I had the chance, but I can't abide this kind of crap. Whoever made this decision in the Democratic Party (my guess is that it's the DCCC) should be ashamed of themselves. (As if that were possible.)

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Liam said...

That is disturbing. The dailykos crowd has also complained bitterly about the GOP funding the Green candidate for senate in Pennsylvania in the hope that the evil Rick Santorum might actually be re-elected. Perhaps such tactics are necessary in the foul sewer of politics, but does make a hypocrite of anyone from one party who accuses the party of being slimey.